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In October 2004, a national interagency group was formed, called the National IPM Evaluation Group (NIPMEG), to consider how well various granting agencies are addressing the goals of the IPM Roadmap. This group has representation from the EPA Strategic Agricultural Initiative, IPM Centers, NIFA leadership, the Office of Pest Management Policy (OPMP), the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (SARE), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the American Farmland Trust. Keeping in mind the three main goals of the IPM Roadmap, “to improve the economic benefits of adopting IPM practices and to reduce potential risks to human health and the environment…,” NIPMEG chose a mission:

The mission of the National IPM Evaluation Group is to facilitate and harmonize IPM impact assessment and program evaluation.

During the initial meeting of NIPMEG in Burlington, VT, attendees split into subcommittees to concentrate on four areas that had been determined to be first steps in highlighting the successes of IPM. They were: (1) finding common goals and objectives between agencies, (2) exploring methods of evaluating the success of projects, (3) developing a unified database of project reports, and (4) furthering IPM adoption in conjunction with NRCS.

This website was developed to fulfill objective 3 above. More details about the full NIPMEG project can be found in this summary and at National IPM Evaluation Group There is also a 2008 progress report.